Designing a digital wallet and deals app for AnyExcuse, that delights users

Product Design Sprint Case

Who doesn't love a good deal on a night out? Whether it's a dinner date or drinks with friends. AnyExcuse is an experience-focussed digital wallet, getting users great deals– any time.

Heavyweight helped AnyExcuse evolve from a gifting app to a full-fledged e-commerce platform. We reshaped the user-experience by designing a native app, a digital platform, and newsletters. All based on a refined strategy, and holistic vision.

eCommerce Store Design


AnyExcuse connects three key stakeholders; Consumers, Venues and Brands. Venues and Brands use the platform to reach and reward customers, through unique offers, loyalty, and discounts.


Key features of the app are the Wallet, and redeeming products in-person at Venues. Aligning these digital and physical touch-points was vital. An awkward redemption experience would turn people off. Through iterative design, we crafted a seamless buy-and-collect experience.

Mobile App Design

New Visual Look

Through a series of Workshops and a Brand Alignment, we breathed new life into the platform’s aesthetic. The design features crisp typography, bright and active colour, and beautiful photography. It inspires trust and feels friendly and familiar.

Brand Alignment and Styleguide


A carefully crafted system of cards is the cornerstone of the design. The cards neatly display the Offers, Events, and Venues. Personalised and relevant contextual information is used throughout the app.

Design System in Figma

Design System

Maintaining design coherence across web and native platforms is always a challenge. To future-proof our work we implemented a Design System; a single source of truth. Design Systems help combat design-debt and help save time on development.

Platform Design Sprint

Continuous design

Working in close collaboration with the AnyExcuse team the platform is continuously optimized. By reacting to market demand, and customer input, we’re helping shape the future of digital Wallets.

What did we do

  • Brand Alignment & Product Identity.
  • UX/UI design of the platform.
  • Rapid prototyping.
  • Continuous product design.
  • E-mail template design