Have one on me: Brewing up a way to gift pints online for Heineken

HOOM visual

There's no better gift than the gift of beer. HOOM, short for 'Have one on me', is an app by Heineken to send pints to your friends via WhatsApp. We helped Heineken to refine the app's proposition and redesign the user-experience.


Innovating means sometimes users don't get it at first. One of our main challenges was making sure everyone understood the app. We refined the app's proposition and added explainers throughout the purchasing process. We worked with the marketing team to ensure the ad campaign and app were in tune with each other.

HOOM mobile app design


Through several Workshops and Ideation Sessions, we redesigned the purchasing and receiving journeys. We introduced separate user-flows for gifting and gift redemption. Aligning the digital and physical touch-points was key in creating a smooth user experience.

HOOM product design sprint

Playful design

Building upon the existing aesthetic, we looked for ways to bring out the app's fun and playful character. Cheeky copy, bright colour, and the occasional GIF hit the mark. If you squint your eyes you might even mistake the app for a pint.

What did we do

  • Product Design Sprint & Workshops.
  • Refine app proposition.
  • Brand Alignment.
  • Rapid prototyping.
  • UX/UI Design of the app.
  • Email template design.

A word from the client

We have had a great experience working with Jurgen and Robin, when they worked on the digital product design and user experience of an e‑commerce website. They elevated the UX/UI quality of the platform, while keeping in mind the strategic objectives that we had set. I would highly recommend working with them.

Jeroen Ruigrok – Heineken Jeroen Ruigrok Innovation Manager at Heineken