Shaping the corporate Brand Identity and Website of a new investment firm

Corporate Identity & Webdesign

Horizon Capital Partners is a new investment firm based in Amsterdam. They invest in SMB businesses for the long term. To grow revenue, geography and business models.

Their goal is to create value and to realize entrepreneurial ambitions quickly and sustainably. Founded by experienced entrepreneurs and investors, they have a unique approach to help companies thrive.

We created a bespoke Brand Identity for print and digital, and a marketing website to reach potential investees and management teams.

Business Card Designs

A little cheeky

Investment firms are not known for their eccentric visual Identities. Generally, they aim for a professional look, without much ado. But to stand out, and to be true to their character, the client wanted the Brand to have personality.

We looked for ways to combine a professional look & feel with a little cheeky imagination. We needed to strike just the right tone by using good copy and lively imagery.

First impressions

You only get to make a first impression once– and we wanted to make the website stand-out. We designed a simple but immersive intro animation that draws people in.

Product Design Sprint Launching the site with Managing Partner Pieter.

A great website

Through rewarding weekly sessions, we sprinted toward a great new Brand Identity and Web design. The client was impressed by end-result, and smoothness of the product. The new website is a great way to get new leads and to share their story to prospective investees.

What did we do

  • Shape a corporate Brand Identity for print and digital.
  • Collaborative design process with weekly sessions.
  • Modern web design using the new Brand.
  • Web development using Craft CMS.

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