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Whether you want to buy a new car, renovate your home, or restructure your finances– a personal loan makes it happen. Founded in 2019, is a comparison website for personal loans. makes comparing personal loans straight­forward and transparent. We were asked to design the Brand Identity and Website, from the ground up.

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Setting strategic objectives

Through weekly co-creation sessions, we developed a creative and strategic approach. The website structure is made up of landing pages to establish a strong presence in organic search.

Each landing page is designed to provide users with relevant information and to offer our comparison services. Social proof is used throughout the design to build trust and to establish our deep knowledge of loans.

Logo Design

Aligning the Brand Identity and users

The strategy and ideation sessions culminated in a contemporary Brand Identity and a visual language. In addition to setting our Brand apart from the competition, is established as an authority on loans.

The logotype is set in a refined geometric typeface. The vibrant colour palette evokes trust and familiarity. Resembling a percent sign, the mark represents our mission to help people compare and find better loans.

Brand Identity

Designing a contemporary website

The website design combines classic elements with a contemporary and striking layout. Coloured stripes and overlapping imagery create a sense of depth and visual hierarchy. Primary colours and strategic placement highlight call-to-action buttons.

Product Design Sprint
Design System

Impact: helping users find better loans

We created a beautiful and effective Brand Identity and website design for It has never been easier to compare and find the best loans. The client's dev team was able to build the website in record time using the design system we put in place. The client is very pleased with the end result and enjoyed the design process.

A word from the client

We have had a very pleasant collaboration with Heavyweight. They are very professional, creative and highly involved during and after the project. Their way of working with several working sessions resulted in a constructive project within the objectives and deadlines. I am very happy with the end product.

Paul Vogelzang – Paul Vogelzang Product Owner of