Deal or No Deal? Designing a user-generated coupon platform

Needle Platform Design

In close collaboration with our friends at Qikker Online and iFlavours, we designed Needle. A user-generated platform for sharing coupons and deals.

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It’s no secret that us Nederlanders love a good deal. Our thrifty nature enabled several deal websites to thrive. However, they don’t let their users share in any profits...

Needle rewards users for finding and posting deals. Members not only earn badges and respect but payouts too! And the better a deal performs, the higher the payout.

Ideation Session
Ideation Session with Qikker.

A new Brand

In a series of Workshops with the client, we determined the business goals, target audience and looked at the competition. Together we figured out what the Brand should stand for.

We created a friendly logotype and mark. The compass needle represents the Needle community, which points users in the direction of the best deal. The mark became an integral part of the Brand; used in the logo, vernacular, and UI elements.

Needle Logo Animation

Deal cards

A framework of cards beautifully displays the deals. By clever use of contrast, diagonal crops, and overlays the cards pop throughout the design. Even worst-case scenarios like lengthy titles come out looking good.

UX/UI Design of Cards

Design System

To keep the design consistent throughout the 150+ screens, we created a Design System. Each individual element is defined once in a design library and used throughout the project. This ensures all screen designs align and saves developers lots of time.

Brand Identity
Design System


Gamification is used to make the experience engaging. Users earn badges by adding new deals, posting comments, and other valuable actions. Badges are also the way users get paid. Collect and earn!



We created a bespoke Brand Identity and innovative digital design for Needle. The client was impressed by the end result and enjoyed the weekly sessions and process.

A word from the client

We started the Needle project, being very confident that we covered most of the bigger picture and nearly everything of the details. The involvement of the Heavyweight crew shed a different light on that. Without losing focus or time, they helped to come up with creative, user-friendly solutions and eye-candy designs. Jurgen and Robin have a relaxed atmosphere hanging around them, but are highly productive. Recommendation?… For sure!

Christof Coenders – iFlavours Christof Coenders Director of Operations at iFlavours

What did we do

  • Product Design Sprint & Workshops.
  • Competitor Analysis and User-Research.
  • Designed a new Brand Identity.
  • Detailed UI/UX design of the Platform.
  • Rapid Prototyping.
  • Design System in Figma.