Designing a holistic Brand and Campaign to promote better nutritional care

Campaign Website Design

A campaign to promote nutritional care

We designed a holistic Brand Identity and campaign website for The European Nutrition for Health Alliance. Now in its third iteration, we're continuously improving the platform's positioning and functionality.

The campaign started in 2014 as an initiative to raise awareness of nutritional care. It supports organisations and countries to put in place screenings and improve nutritional care.

Campaign Logo Design

Brand Identity

A good Brand Identity reflects the values of the campaign. In this case, it's about creating awareness, informing and activating people.

We created a dynamic logotype based on the core of the campaign. The mission is displayed in notification-like elements. Active, bright colours set the right tone and inspire action.

Campaign Brand Identity

Versatile digital platform

The digital platform is the hub of the campaign. From here, community members can get the tools they need to bring about change. Whether that's inspiration, policy templates, or practical things like digital assets.

Campaign Platform Design
Campaign Share

Sharing is caring

Good Practices are the cornerstone of the platform. They're shared by community members from each country and contain unique insights. Sharing these Good Practices is the website's primary goal.

Campaign Webdesign
Campaign Materials

Annual conference

Although the digital platform is leading year-round, the annual conference is crucial. It builds momentum and activates people to get hands-on. Flyers and roll-up banners get the word out.

A word from the client

After multiple successful product design projects, I can safely state that combining in-depth understanding of business objectives with high-class digital design and smooth UX, is what makes these guys true heavyweights.

Joost Wesseling – ONCA Joost Wesseling Founder of Ocean Industries

What did we do

  • Holistic campaign design for print and digital.
  • Brand Identity.
  • UI/UX Design of platform & newsletter.
  • Website Development.
  • Design of promotional materials.
  • Continuous improvements.