Helping people get started with trading stocks automatically

Product Design Sprint Case

Nowadays 70% of stock transactions are made automatically by algorithms. Beursfoon helps regular people get started with trading stocks automatically. In close collaboration with Qikker Online we updated the proposition, brand identity, and website.

Stock trading product design sprint

The first problem to solve was that some users didn't see the benefits of autotrading. The solution was to update the proposition to 'trading without emotion'. Also, the algorithms that do the heavy lifting are now explained in a straightforward way.

We designed a cohesive customer journey that aligns with the new proposition. A redesigned flow from sales through to onboarding makes it easy to get started.

Stock trading components

Beursfoon is a well-known resource for investors. But the website had not seen an update in a few years. Freshening up their online presence was necessary while keeping it trusted and recognisable.

Beursfoon keeps users up-to-date throughout the day using its stock trading signals. These signals, or messages, form an ideal foundation for the new brand identity.

Stock trading logo design

The new logo invokes the aesthetic of a message bubble. A standalone version of the message brand element appears throughout the design. Vibrant colours and bold typography play an important role in the fresh look & feel.

Stock trading brand identity

We designed a high-quality brand identity and website for Beursfoon. By working closely with Qikker and the client, we were able to move fast and complete the design in 4 weeks. The client is very pleased with the new design and user feedback has been great. Getting started with autotrading has never been easier.

What did we do

  • Product Design Sprint & Workshops.
  • Designed a new Brand Identity.
  • Detailed UI/UX design of the Platform.
  • Rapid Prototyping.
  • Design System in Figma.

A word from the client

Our collaboration with Jurgen and Robin is effortless. Their work is functional and very beautiful. They actively contribute ideas, keep their promises, and move mountains in very little time. Working together is pleasant and laid-back, and the finished products are highly professional. Exactly what we look for in our partners.

Michiel Willekens – Qikker Online Michiel Willekens Qikker Online